Here is a sample of my ideas or thoughts on various topics.

WOW! I’m a little short on words to express my appreciation to all of my supporters. Thank you. I’ll invest my time, listen, ask questions, learn and represent you to the best of my ability. Now, on to the General Election in November!

Had a nice conversation with Brave Warrior Project on Special Education at Eastmont. Great opportunity to learn and connect. If you haven’t seen their new place, stop by. They have a wonderful inviting space.

Got my yard signs, removable bumper stickers and handouts! I’m ready to campaign in your neighborhood. But first, I’ll be enjoying a fun, safe Independence Day with my family. Thank you to all who served to make the freedoms we enjoy possible. Let me know if you have a prime spot for a sign!

Field trip day for River of Power @ Rocky Reach Dam! I’m thankful for thoughtful adventures that Eastmont makes possible for our students. 

After serving in the US Navy my dad, John Williams, became a middle school math and science teacher for a short period of time before working for UPS. I appreciate the job our teachers and aides do in the classroom each day. I want to ensure they feel supported and appreciated. Some days, my kids see them more than they do me!

YIPPEE! Position 5 is so popular, we get to have a primary election in August to determine the top 2 candidates for the general election in November! Here we go team Vibbert! I’d love your endorsements for my propaganda, safety valve support letters, page shares, word of mouth support to your friends, neighbors, co-workers and sports teams. I’ll be getting campaign items put together, so stay tuned for other ways to be a part of this worthwhile process.

Tonight I presented 3 scholarships on behalf of the Eastmont Foundation to some outstanding seniors. The night was uplifting seeing what talented youth are headed off to do big things in this world. Well done Eastmont, well done!

5/13/19 9:06 am -It’s official! Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support. I’m excited to finally be officially running for Eastmont School Board.

My mom, ReeAnn Williams and I at her 50th wedding anniversary party. She was a 21 year Eastmont employee. I’m so proud to be her daughter. She stayed home while her kids were young then joined the Eastmont family. Oh Yes, you remember the high school attendance lady!

I made the paper! Yep, I have been considering this for a while. I have been attending school board meetings, had a meeting with Garn to carefully consider the board members role and have been talking with various groups. I was quick to file for office because I wanted the voters to know I am serious and am ready to represent them in our education system.

When Board Member Gibbs announced he was not running for office again to allow new members to learn under our excellent Superintendent, Garn, it made me realize this was a perfect time for me to get involved with the school board. I have always enjoyed working with Garn and if elected will enjoy learning from him and contributing my ideas to the board.I intend to run for the District #5 At Large position being vacated by Steve Piccirillo.

Marching in the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival youth parade with my youngest daughter’s school. Wave to me please!

Hi, I’m running for Eastmont School Board and i’d love your support! If you don’t know me already, check out the About section to learn more. I don’t consider myself very political. I’m interested in serving my community in an area that is vital to all of us, youth.

Published by meaghanvibbertforeastmontschoolboard

I was born and raised in East Wenatchee and am a product of the Eastmont School District. I graduated from WSU and moved back to the valley I love. I've been married to Todd for 16 years and we have two daughters who also attend Eastmont schools. I have worked for Douglas PUD for 18 years and have spent my "free" time volunteering in the community including; Wenatchee Central Lions member and past president, Eastmont Foundation member and past president, Cascade Elementary PTO, Eastmont Baptist Church member and Growth Group leader, Apple Blossom Festival volunteer. This is my first time running for elected office, but I'm committed to keeping Eastmont School District a safe, excellent place for our children to grow and learn. I would appreciate your support.

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